I am a candidate for re-election to the Senate for these reasons: 

First, to fix the debt by restraining out-of-control spending on entitlements.  No one wants to talk about this, especially the President, but if we don’t fix this, we will bankrupt the country and the programs that seniors depend on.  Senator Corker and I have introduced a specific “Dollar for Dollar” plan that reduces entitlement spending by $1 trillion in exchange for the President’s requested $1 trillion increase in the debt ceiling.

Second, I want to move more decisions out of Washington and back to states and communities where they belong.  We must stop unfunded federal mandates that limit freedom and destroy state and local government.  For example, I have renewed a suggestion I made to President Reagan (and which he supported) to send all of Medicaid to Washington in exchange for moving total responsibility for education and other job training back to the states.

Third, I want to help the Republican Party ignite the American Dream for millions who seem to have lost confidence in our free enterprise system.  Our message should be to help all Americans have an opportunity to move from the back to the front of the line, and not sustain them in a permanent position at the back of the line.

 Finally, I want to transfer some of Tennessee’s common sense to Washington, D.C. and make the place work better.  There are too many people in Washington making speeches and not enough people working on results.